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History of ancient logic

 BMA-FILD-401, BBN-FIL-401, BMA-LOTD-105, BMI-LOTD-105E, BBV-020, BMVD-020

2014 Spring semester
Tue 14:00 -- 15:30
First class: 16th February


Basic knowledge in modern logic and the history of ancient philosophy.

1. The first occurrences of systematic reasoning in Greek philosophy and mathematics. 
Sources: Fragments of  Parmenides and Zenon, Euclid's Elements

2. Plato. The methods of mathematics and their relation to philosophy. The theory of ideas as logical semantics.
Sources: PhaedoRepublicTheaetetus, Sophist

3. Aristotle. Theory of substance from a logical point of view. Modality in ontology and in logic.Paradoxes. Aristotle and mathematics.
Sources:: Categories,Hermeneutics, Prior Analytics, Metaphysics.

4. Stoic logic. Natural deduction system in propositional logic. Stoic semantics.
Source: K-H. Hülser, Fragmente zur Dialektik der Stoiker vol. III, IV. (Stuttgart, 1987)

5. Aristotelianism in the late antiquity. Attempts to propositional logic, methodological problems.
Sources:  Galen, Institutio Logica, Alexander of Aphrodisias, In Aristotelis Analyticam Prioram ...

Some secondary literature:

I. M. Bochenski, Formale Logik
W. & M. Kneale, The Development of Logic
Szabó Á., Beginnings of Greek Mathematics
G. Vlastos, Platonic Studies
J. Łukasiewicz, Aristotle's Syllogistic
B. Mates, Stoic Logic
Gabbay-Woods (eds.), Handbook of the History of Logic vol. 1.

The exam
 will be a "conference" about ancient logic. Each student should produce a 20-minute presentation about some subject in ancient logic that was not discussed in the lectures, and discuss the presentations of the others. I will offer some topics in the course of the lectures that I should leave out because of the lack of time but everybody may propose a subject of his own. My lectures offer you the necessary  background knowledge.