Logic Seminar 2015 autumn
P├ęter Mekis
Tuesday 14:00-15:30, i224
BMA-FILD-302.02, BMA-LOTD-101.03, BBN-FIL-302.02, BMI-LOTD-101E.03
This course introduces the basic concepts and methods of both traditional and modern logic. The material covers the following systems:
  • Aristotelian syllogisms;
  • propositional logic: syntax and semantics
  • propositional calculus: soundness and completeness
  • first-order logic: syntax and semantics
  • Peano arithmetic: a first-order theory


  • L. T. F. Gamut, Logic, Language, and Meaning. Volume I: Introduction to Logic. University of Chicago Press, 1991.

  • Handouts

Online material (updated weekly)
homework 1, deadline: September 29
homework 2, deadline: December 1
notes 1 (in Hungarian)
notes 2 (in Hungarian)
notes 3 (in Hungarian)
homework 3, deadline: December 18