Title Logic Lecture
Lecturer Péter Mekis
Codes BBN-FIL-301.2, BMA-LOTD-102.1, BMI-LOTD-102E.2, BMA-FILD-301.2
Time Monday 12:00-13:30
Venue i221
Prerequisites The course assumes some familiarity with the basic concepts and methods of standard first-order logic.
Description The lectures will cover the following topics:
  1. standard first-order languages: syntax and semantics;
  2. first-order analytic trees; undecidability;
  3. first-order theories: basic concepts and methods;
  4. Peano arithmetic: language, definitions, and basic theorems;
  5. standard first-order calculus: soundness and completeness;
  6. standard and non-standard models of Peano arithmetic
  7. definite descriptions and semantic value gaps;
  8. higher-order logic;
  9. overview of Gödel's incompleteness results.
The topics may change during the course, in accordance with student demand. The Hungarian version of the course will be easier and covers less topics.
  • Lecture notes (uploaded during the course)
  • Gamut, L. T. F., Logic, Language, and Meaning. Vol 1: Introduction to Logic. Chicago UP, 1991.
  • Mendelson, E., Introduction to Mathematical logic . 4th ed. Springer, 1997.
Lecture notes