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1. Book/textbook/edited volume

G. Hofer-Szabó, M. Rédei and L.E. Szabó: The Principle of the Common Cause

            (Cambridge University Press) (forthcoming)

A. Maté, M. Rédei and F. Stadler (eds.): Der Wiener Kreis in Ungarn

            Veröffentlichungen des Instituts Wiener Kreis, Band 16 (Springer, Wien, New York, 2011)  

M. Suárez, M. Dorato and M. Rédei (eds.): EPSA Launch of the European Philosophy of Science Association,

            Volume 1, Epistemology and Methodology of Science;

            Volume 2. Philosophical Issues in the Sciences.

            (Springer, Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London, New York, 2010)  

M. Rédei (ed.): John von Neumann: Selected Letters (History of Mathematics vol. 27.)
            (American Mathematical Society and London Mathematical Society, 2005; Hardcover, 301 pages, ISBN 0-821803776-1)  Details
M. Rédei, M. Stoeltzner (eds.): John von Neumann and the Foundations of Quantum Physics
            (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston,  London, 2001. Pp. ix+371)  Details
M. Rédei: Quantum Logic in Algebraic Approach (Fundamental Theories of Physics Vol. 91.)
            (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston  and London, 1998. Pp. x+238) Details
M. Rédei: Introduction to Quantum Logic (Eötvös University Press, Budapest, 1995, p. 160)

2. Papers in journals 

M. Rédei: "Hilbert's 6th problem and axiomatic quantum field theory"

            Perspectives on Science (forthcoming)

Z. Gyenis, M. Rédei: "Defusing Bertrand's Paradox"

            The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (forthcoming, preprint:

Z. Gyenis, M. Rédei: "Atomicity and causal completeness"

            Erkenntnis (forthcoming, online: DOI: 10.1007/s10670-013-9456-1)

M.Rédei, I. Pedro San: "Comparing causality principles"
            Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics  43 (2012) 84-89 (preprint:

M. Rédei, C. Werndl: "On the history of the isomorphism problem of dynamical systems with special regard to

            von Neumann's contribution"

            Archive for History of Exact Sciences 66 (2012) 71-93 (preprint:

Z. Gyenis, M. Rédei: "Characterizing common cause closed probability spaces"

            Philosophy of Science 78 (2011) 309-409 (preprint:

M. Rédei: “Einstein's dissatisfaction with non-relativistic quantum mechanics

            and relativistic quantum field theory"

            Philosophy of Science (Supplement)  77 (2010) 1042-1057

M. Rédei, G. Valente: "How local are local operations in local quantum field theory?"

            Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics  41 (2010) 346-353

M. Rédei, S.J. Summers: “When are quantum systems operationally independent?”

            International Journal of Theoretical Physics 49 (2010) 3250-3261 (preprint:

M. Rédei: "Operational separability and operational independence in algebraic quantum mechanics"

            Foundations of Physics 40 (2010) 1439-1449

M. Rédei: “Kolmogorovian Censorship Hypothesis for general quantum probability theories"

            Manuscrito – Revista Internacional de Filosofia 33 (2010) 365-380

M. Rédei, S.J. Summers: "Quantum probability theory"
            Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics
38 (2007) 390-417 (preprint: quant-ph/0601158)
M. Rédei: "The birth of quantum logic"
            History and Philosophy of Logic 28 (2007) 107-122
G. Hofer-Szabó, M. Rédei: "Reichenbachian Common Cause Systems of arbitrary finite size exist"
            Foundations of Physics Letters 35 (2006) 745-746    

M. Rédei, S.J. Summers: "Remarks on causality in relativistic quantum field theory"
            International Journal of Theoretical Physics 44  (2005) 1029–1039 (preprint: quant-ph/0302115 )
G. Hofer-Szabó, M. Rédei: "Reichenbachian Common Cause Systems"
            International Journal of Theoretical Physics 43 (2004) 1819-1826  (preprint: )
B. Gyenis, M. Rédei:  "When can statistical theories be causally closed? "
            Foundations of Physics 34  (2004) 1285-1303 (preprint:

M. Rédei: "John von Neumann 1903-1957"
            European Mathematical Society Newsletter  March 2004, 17-20 (preprint: pdf file)

G. Hofer-Szabó, M. Rédei, L. Szabó: "Common-causes are not common common-causes"
            Philosophy of Science 69 (2002) 623-636 (preprint: )
M. Rédei and S.J. Summers:  "Local Primitive Causality and the Common Cause Principle in quantum  field theory"
            Foundations of Physics 32 (2002) 335-355 (preprint: )
M. Rédei: "Facets of quantum logic" (Essay Review)
            Studies in the History and Philosophy of  Modern Physics 32 (2001) 101-111
G. Hofer-Szabó, M. Rédei, L. Szabó: "Reichenbach's Common Cause Principle: Recent results and open problems"
            Reports on Philosophy No. 20 (2000)  85-107
G. Hofer-Szabó, M. Rédei, L. Szabó: "Common cause completeability of classical and quantum event structures"
            International Journal of Theoretical Physics 39 (2000) 913-919 (manuscript pdf file)
M. Rédei: " `Unsolved Problems of Mathematics' J von Neumann's address to the International
            Congress of Mathematicians, Amsterdam,  September 2-9, 1954"
            The Mathematical Intelligencer 21 (1999) 7-12 (manuscript pdf file)
G. Hofer-Szabó, M. Rédei, L. Szabó: "On Reichenbach's common cause principle and  Reichenbach's notion of common cause"
            The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 50 (1999) 377-399 (manuscript pdf file)
M. Rédei: "Reichenbach's common cause principle and quantum field theory"
            Foundations of Physics 27 (1997) 1309-1321 (manuscript pdf file)
M. Rédei: "Why John von Neumann did not like the Hilbert space formalism of quantum mechanics
            (and what he liked instead)"
            Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 27 (1996) 493-510 (ps file)
J. Earman, M. Rédei: "Why ergodic theory does not explain the success of equilibrium statistical mechanics"
            The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 47 (1996) 63-78 (manuscript pdf file)
M. Rédei: "Logically independent von Neumann lattices"
            International Journal of Theoretical Physics 34 (1995) 1711-1718 (manuscript pdf file)
M. Rédei: "Logical independence in quantum logic" 

            Foundations of Physics 25 (1995) 411-422 (manuscript pdf file)
M. Rédei: "Are prohibitions of superluminal causation by stochastic Einstein locality and by
            absence of Lewisian probabilistic counterfactual causation equivalent?"
            Philosophy of Science 60 (1993) 608-618 (manuscript pdf file)

M. Rédei: "Krylovs proof that classical statistical mechanics can not be founded on classical
            mechanics and interpretation of classical statistical mechanical probabilities"
            Philosophia Naturalis 29 (1992) 268-284 (manuscript pdf file)

M. Rédei: "When can non-commutative statistical inference be Bayesian?"
            International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 6 (1992) 129-132  (manuscript pdf file)

M. Rédei: "Bells inequality, relativistic quantum field theory and the problem of hidden variables"
            Philosophy of Science  58 (1991) 628-638 (manuscript pdf file)

M. Rédei: "Quantum conditional probabilities are not probabilities of quantum conditional"
            Physics Letters A 139 (1989) 287-290 (manuscript pdf file)

M. Rédei: "Stochastic irreducibility of spin"
            Physics Letters A 134 (1989) 354-356 (manuscript pdf file)
M. Rédei: "The hidden variable problem in algebraic relativistic quantum field theory"
            Journal of Mathematical Physics 30 (1989) 461-463 (manuscript pdf file)
M. Rédei: "Reformulation of the hidden variable problem using entropic measure of uncertainty"
            Synthese 73 (1987) 371-379
M. Rédei: "On the problem of local hidden variables in algebraic quantum mechanics"
            Journal of Mathematical Physics 28 (1987) 833-835
M. Rédei: "Nonexistence of hidden variables in the algebraic approach"
            Foundations of Physics 16 (1986) 807-815
M. Rédei: "Die Einheit der naturwissenschaftlichen Erkenntnis in Nicolai Hartmanns Philosophie"
            Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat
            Gesellschafts-wissenschaftliche Reihe, 33 Jahrgang, Heft 2. (1985) 285-287
M. Rédei: "Note on an argument of W. Ochs against the ignorance interpretation of state in
            quantum mechanics"
            Erkenntnis 23 (1985) 143-148
M. Rédei: "Conditions excluding the existence of approximate hidden variables"
            Physics Letters A 110 (1985) 15-16
M. Rédei: "On the linear response theory of infinite quantum systems"
            Physics Letters A 94 (1983) 201-204

3. Papers in conference proceedings, edited volumes 


M. Rédei: “Some historical and philosophical aspects of quantum probability theory and its interpretation”

                In Probabilities, Laws and Structures, D. Dieks, Wenceslao J. Gonsalez, S. Hartmann, M. Stöltzner, M. Weber (eds.) (Springer, 2012) 497-506

M. Rédei, F. Stadler: “Austria-Hungary in philosophy of science: A search for the evidence”

   in Der Wiener Kreis in Ungarn Veröffentlichungen des Instituts Wiener Kreis Band 16,

   A. Maté, M. Rédei and F. Stadler (eds.) (Springer, Wien, New York, 2011) 9-24

M. Rédei: “Einstein meets von Neumann: Locality and operational independence in

               algebraic quantum field theory”

               in Deep Beauty: Understanding the Quantum World through Mathematical Innovation,  H. Halvorson (ed.)

               (Cambridge University Press, New York, 2011) ) 343-361

B. Gyenis, M. Rédei: "Causal completeness of probability theories - results and open problems"

               in Causality in the Sciences, P. McKay Illari, F. Russo and J. Williamson (eds.)

               (Oxford University Press, 2011) 526-539 (preprint pdf file)

B. Gyenis, M. Rédei: "Causal completeness of general probability theories"

                in Probabilities, Causes, and Propensities in Physics, M. Suárez (ed.) Synthese Library

                (Springer, 2011) 157-171 (preprint: pdf file)

M. Rédei: “The Birkhoff-von Neumann concept of quantum logic”

                in Handbook of quantum logic and quantum structures Kurt Engesser, Dov M. Gabbay, Daniel  

                Lehmann (eds)  (Elsevier, 2009) 1-22

M.L. Dalla Chiara, R. Giuntini, M. Rédei: “The history of quantum logic”

                in Handbook of History of Logic, Vol. 8. The Many Valued and Nonmonotonic Turn in Logic, D.

                Gabbay, J. Woods (eds.) (North Holland, 2007) 205-283

M. Rédei: "Von Neumann on quantum correlations"

                in Physical Theory and its Interpretation: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey Bub, B . Demopoulos, I. Pitowsky (eds.) (Springer, 2006) 241-252 (manuscript pdf file)
M. Rédei, M Stöltzner: "Soft axiomatization: John von Neumann on method and von Neumann's method in the physical sciences"
                 in Intuition and  the Axiomatic Method , E. Carson and R. Huber (eds.)  Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science  Vol. 70
                (Springer, Dordrecht, 2006) 235-249 (preprint pdf file)

M. Rédei: "John von Neumann on mathematical and axiomatic physics"
                in The Role of Mathematics in  Physical Sciences: Interdisciplinary and Philosophical Aspects
                G. Boniolo, P. Budinich and M. Trobok (eds.) (Springer, Dordrecht, 2005)  43-54 (preprint.doc file)

M. Rédei: "Operator algebras and quantum logic"
                in   Alternative Logics. Do Sciences Need them?, P. Weingartner (ed.)
                (Springer , 2004) 349-360
M. Rédei: "Thinking about thought experiments in physics. Comment on `Experiments and thought experiments by
                David Atkinson' "
                in  Observation and Experiment in the Natural and Social Sciences, M.C. Galavotti  (ed.)
                (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003) 237-241 (preprint.doc file)

M. Rédei: "Two comments on the vacuum in algebraic quantum field theory"
                in Ontological Aspects of Quantum Field Theory,  M. Kuhlmann, H. Lyre
                and A. Wayne, (eds.),  (World Scientific, Singapore, 2002)  345-355
M. Rédei: "Reichenbach's Common Cause Principle and quantum correlations"
                in Modality, Probability and Bell's Theorems, NATO Science Series, II. Vol. 64.
                T. Placek and  J. Butterfield (eds.),  (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston, London,
                2002) 259-270
M. Rédei: "Mathematical Physics and philosophy of physics (with special  consideration of
                J. von Neumann's work"
                in History of Philosophy of Science. New Trends and Perspectives  (Institute Vienna Circle
                Yearbook  2001),  M. Heidelberger and F. Stadler (eds.), (Kluwer  Academic Publishers, Dordrecht,
                 Boston, London, 2002) 239-243 (ps file)

M. Rédei: "John von Neumann's concept of quantum logic and quantum probability"
                 in John von Neumann and the Foundations of Quantum Physics, M. Rédei and M. Stoeltzner (eds.),
                 (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001) 153-172
M. Rédei: "John von Neumann -- der mathematische Physiker"
                in Jenseits von Kunst,  P. Weibel (ed.),  (Passagen-Verlag, Wien, 1997) 229-233
M. Rédei: "Is there superluminal causation in relativistic quantum field theory?"
                in Perspectives on Quantum Reality: Relativistic, Non-Relativistic and Field  Theoretic,  R. Clifton (ed.),
                (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1996) 29-42
D. Petz, M. Rédei: "John von Neumann and the theory of operator algebras"
                in The Neumann Compendium,  F. Brody and T. Vamos (ed.s), World Scientific Series of
                20th Century Mathematics, Vol. I. (World Scientific, Singapore, 1995) 163-181
M. Rédei: "Krylovs recognition of importance of qualitatively different stochasticities in the
                foundation of classical statistical physics"
                 in Book of Abstracts" -- Scientific Sections P3-7, P9. XIXth International Congress of
                 History of Science. 22-29 August, Zaragoza, Spain,  22-29
M. Rédei: "Proof and significance of the fact that quantum field theory is a stochastic
                 Einstein local  theory"
                 in Abstracts Vol. III. 9th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and

                 Philosophy of Science, 7-14 August, 1991, Uppsala, Sweden, 42
M. Rédei: "Quantum field theory, Bells inequalities and the problem of hidden variables"
                 in Bells Theorem, Quantum Theory and Conceptions of the Universe ,  M. Kafatos (ed.)
                 (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1989) 73-76
M. Rédei, P. Szegedi: "Comments on Poppers interpretations of probability"
                 in The Concept of Probability,  E.I. Bitsakis and C.A. Nicolaides (eds.),
                 (Kluwer   Academic Publishers 1988) 125-130
M. Rédei: "The problem of local hidden variables in algebraic quantum mechanics"
                 in Microphysical Reality and Quantum Formalism,. G. Tarozzi and A. van der
                 Merwe (eds.),  (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988) 125-130
M. Rédei: "Non-existence propositions on hidden variables in operator algebraic approach"
                 in Symposium on the Foundations of Modern Physics  P. Lahti and P.  Mittelstaedt (eds.)
                 (World Scientific, Singapore, 1985) 547-553

4. Preprints

5.  List of publications in Hungarian

Szabó, L.E., Gyenis, B., Rédei, M, Hofer-Szabó, G.: Korrelációk kauzális magyarázata

                Magyar Filozófiai Szemle 54  (2010)  78-97

Csáji B., Rédei. M: "A racionális demokratikus véleményösszegzés korlátairól" (in Hungarian, forthcoming, preprint pdf file)

Csaba F., Rédei M.:  ,,Az intuicionizmus immár semmilyen alapon nem utasítható el' Neumann János Gödel nemteljességi tételeirõl
                és a matematika természetérõl 
                 Matematikai Lapok 11. évfolyam 2. szám (2006) 16-25  (preprint pdf file)
Rédei M.: "A kvantumlogika Birkhoff-Neumann felfogása" (ps file )
                Magyar Filozófiai Szemle 43 (1999) 167-180
Rédei M.: "Miért nem tekintette Einstein a kvantummechanikai leirást teljesnek?"
                Természet Világa 125 evf. 11 szam, 1994 November, 498-502
Rédei M.: "A Bell egyenlőtlenségek sérülése es rejtett paraméter probléma az algebrai kvantumtérelméletben"
                in Paradox kvantummechanika, szerk. Szabó László (Kiadja az ELTE
                Természettudományi Kar Elméleti Fizikai Tanszék, felelős kiadó Dr. Nagy Károly,  Budapest, 1993) 31-43
Rédei M.: "Véges dimenziós komplementáris obszervábilisok"
               Fizikai Szemle (1989) No.9., 339-343
Rédei M.: "A rejtett paraméterek problémája a kvantummechanikában"
               Filozófiai Figyelő X. évfolyam 1-2 szám (1988) 130-146
Rédei M.: "A Heisenberg határozatlansági elv és határozatlansági relációk"
               Fizikai Szemle (1987) No. 7., 245-249
Rédei M.: "A matematikai fizikai gondolkodási stílusról"
               A Filozófia Időszerű Kérdései 68 (1986) 83-88
Rédei M., Szegedi P.: "Varjas a fizika filozófiai problémáiról"
               in Tudással, hittel, szerk. Horváth J. (ELTE TTK Filozófia Tanszék., 1986)
Rédei M.: "Popper anti-esszencialisztikus maximája"
              Acta Philosophica  11   (1984) 197-203
Rédei M.: "Paul Natorp a kultúráról"
              Acta Philosophica 10 (1983) 81-90
Rédei M.: "Az irracionális Hartmann filozófiájában"
             Acta Philosophica 9 (1982) 241-260
Rédei M. : "A mérés helye a fizikai elméletben"
            in Filozófia es szaktudományok, szerk. Horváth J.
            (Kossuth, Budapest, 1980) 116-130

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