The weekly Theoretical Philosophy Forum is organized and hosted by the Department of Logic, Institute of Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities of Eötvös Loránd University Budapest. It aims to bring together not only the Budapest philosophy community working on a wide range of theoretical philosophy, but also scientists interested in philosophical and foundational problems of natural and social sciences. The regular participants come from the following institutions:
It must be emphasized, however, that the Forum is open to everyone, including students, visitors, and faculty members from all departments and institutes.

The scope of the Forum includes all aspects of theoretical philosophy, including:
  • logic and philosophy of formal sciences
  • philosophy of science
  • modern metaphysics
  • epistemology
  • philosophy of language
  • problems in history of philosophy and history of science, relevant to the above topics
  • particular issues in natural and social sciences, important for the discourses in the main scope of the Forum.
The friendly and informal atmosphere helps us to freely discuss our topics. The 60 minute lecture is followed by a 10 minute break and a 30-60 minute discussion. The language of presentation can be English or Hungarian. Depending on the topic, the audience is a mixture of scholars working in various fields. The lecturers are traditionally suggested to ignore this fact: The style of the presentation is supposed to respect only the most professional people in the audience.
The next month program is announced around 15th of the previous month. The lecturers are kindly asked to send us a Title/Affiliation/Abstract in good time.

Time & venue: Wednesday 5:00 PM, Room 226, 2nd Floor, Building "i" (Múzeum krt. 4), Faculty of Humanities, Eötvös University.
The program is regularly announced through the following mailing lists:
  • MaFLa (Hungarian philosophers' e-mail information system)
  • LaPoM ( Seminar on Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics)
  • koglist (Discussion forum for researchers of cognitive sciences)
  • fizinfo, (Physical Society's mail group)
  • seminar@renyi.hu (mail group of Rényi Institute)
  • PhilStudents (Philosophy Students at Eötvös University)

For any further information, please, contact the organizer of the Forum: