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The Forum is open to everyone, including students, visitors, and faculty members from all departments and institutes!

The 60 minute lecture is followed by a 10 minute break and a 30-60 minute discussion. The language of presentation is English or Hungarian.

The scope of the Forum includes all aspects of theoretical philosophy, including:

  • logic and philosophy of formal sciences
  • philosophy of science
  • modern metaphysics
  • epistemology
  • philosophy of language
  • problems in history of philosophy and history of science, relevant to the above topics
  • particular issues in natural and social sciences, important for the discourses in the main scope of the Forum.


26 September (Wednesday) 5:00 PM  Room 226
Hanoch Ben-Yami
Department of Philosophy, Central European University, Budapest
Truth and Proof without Models
I explain why Model Theory is unsatisfactory both as a semantic theory and as a tool for proofs on logic systems. I then develop an alternative, truth-valuational substitutional approach, which doesn't use models, and I give in outline a proof of the soundness and completeness on this approach of the first order Predicate Calculus with identity.