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László Pólos

Guest lecturer 2014 Spring semester
Professor of Organisational Theory
University of Durham

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László Pólos
Course codes: BMA-LOTD-503, BMA-FILD-401, BBN-FIL-401, BMI-LOTD-503E
Classes:  23-24-25th, 28-29-30th April. 5th May, 10am till1pm, Dept. of Logic (Múzeum krt. 4/i, room 226)
Exam: 6th May

(formal), (mostly logical)

Models in the Social Sciences


(1)  Good working knowledge of classical first order  logic

(2)  Some familiarity with modal logics, and Kripke frames

The course offers an overview of some logical models offered in the social sciences in the course of the last two decades. Instead of making the overview comprehensive the course focuses on a hands on approach, discussing in details what made these models desirable, what (meta-) features are unavoidable, what are only convenient, what have these models achieved and what are the remaining deficiencies.  In short, it aims to teach how to construct, and improve such models, and  when to abandon them.

Requirements for the mark:
                An essay (50%, to be submitted  till 1. June) + exam on 6th May (50%).

(1) Classical first order models

(i)             Péli et al. [1994]

(ii)           Péli  et al. [2000]


(2) More classical models

(i)             Hannan [1998]

(iii)         Kamps and Pólos [2001]


(3) Models for non-monotonic reasoning 1 (propositional)

(i)             Veltman [1995]

(ii)           Pólos and Masuch [1995]


(4) Models for non-monotonic reasoning 2 (first order)

(i)             Pólos and Hannan [2001]

(ii)           Pólos and Hannan [2004]

(iii)         Hannan et al. [2007]


(5) Modal Models 1 Facts, Perception and Taken-for-gratedness

(i)             Pólos, Hannan and Hsu [2010]


(6) Modal Models 2 Typecasting

(i)             Hsu Hannan and Pólos [2011]


(7) Analytical models (What happens ultimately?)

(i)             Gael le Mens Hannan and Pólos [2011]


(8) Probabilistic models and induction

(i)             Gael le Mens Hannan and Pólos [2014]


(9) Quantum models in Cognitive sciences

(i)           Aerts, Gabora, Rosch [2008]

(ii)         Hamton on Gabora and Aerts [2013]

(iii)         Busemeyer and Bruza [2012]