[MaFLa] 100 Years After / 100 Jahre danach

Akos Sivado akos.sivado at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 19:52:40 CEST 2017

The Institute of Philosophy RCH HAS and the MTA Lendület Research Group
Morals and Science cordially invites you to its upcoming conference:
*100 Years After/100 Jahre danach *on the history and legacy of the
Budapest Sunday Circle. This conference was initiated to celebrate the
100th anniversary of the *Free School of the Human Sciences* (*Szellemi
Tudományok Szabadiskolája*) organized by the founding members of the Circle.

Detailed programme of the conference:

*100 Years After. The Sunday Circle and the Free School of the Human

*100 Jahre Danach. Der Sonntagskreis und die Freie Schule der


*Friday, 6th October 2017/Freitag, 6. Oktober 2017*

10:50 *Opening/Gru**ßwort*

11:00 *David Kettler* (Bard College, N.Y.) *The Contested Legacy of a

12: 00 *László Perecz* (BME):*„Gegenkultur” und „Neuidealismus”** Der
Lukács-Kreis und die ungarische Philosophie des frühen zwanzigsten

13: 00 *Lunch break/Mittagspause*

15: 00 *Éva Karádi* (ELTE): Die Wissenschaftstheoretische Bedeutung der
ungarischen geisteswissenschaftlichen Schule. 100 Jahre danach.

16:00 *Anna Wessely* (ELTE): *Wissenschaft und Lebensführung*

17: 00 *Károly Kókai* (Universität Wien): *Der “Sonntagskreis”*

*Saturday, 7th October 2017/Samstag, 7. Oktober 2017*

10: 00 *Barbara Hadi* (ELTE) *Digression on Art History. On Karl Mannheim’s
(Dynamic) Sociology of Culture with Respect to a Possible Contribution to
the History of Art*

11: 00 *Robert Born *(GWO Leipzig) *Frederick Antal und Arnold Hauser im
Kampf der Systeme 1945-1989*

12:00–12:15 *Coffee break/Kaffeepause*

12: 15 *Paul Stirton *(Bard Graduate Center, N.Y.): *Antal, Hauser, Fülep
and their Reception in the English-speaking World*

13:15 *Deodáth Zuh* (HAS): *Critique of Positivism in the Free School. The
Origins of Hauser’s Tertium Datur Principle*

14: 15 *Conclusion/Schlusswort*

Akos Sivado
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