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Tisztelt Kollégák!

Örömmel tudatom, hogy *Epicurus on the Self
jelenik meg júliusban monográfiám a Routledge kiadásában, az *Issues in
Ancient Philosophy* sorozatban. A könyv rövid leírását, néhány elismerését,
illetve egy 20%-os kedvezmény kódot alább találhatnak.


Németh Attila


"Németh’s book is an original and valuable contribution to our
understanding of Epicureanism, exploring Epicurus’ notion of the self in a
comprehensive manner, throwing light on its many different aspects:
physical, psychological, epistemic, moral, and spiritual. To my knowledge,
this is the only published study to undertake and successfully accomplish
such a broad task."

– Voula Tsouna, University of California at Santa Barbara

"This monograph represents a very significant body of independent work,
re-evaluating in a constructive and supportive spirit some central areas of
Epicurean philosophy – notably self-cognition, agent autonomy and
friendship – and displaying probable interconnections among those areas
that have remained unnoticed or at least under-exploited in the existing
scholarship. This is a considerable achievement. ...Chapter 1’s bold
reconstruction, from very fragmentary textual material that is rarely made
accessible to readers, of an Epicurean theory of self-cognition breaks a
good deal of new ground; and the novel approach to Epicurean friendship in
chapter 5 is both philosophically and historically attractive. ...What this
monograph offers is a major new set of perspectives on current debates,
able to reshape, challenge and enrich future discussions."

– David Sedley, University of Cambridge

"The topic is a good one and Németh makes some interesting and important
new claims, bringing together discussions of Epicurean moral psychology,
ethical improvement and moral responsibility in a way that shows the
integrated and holistic nature of the Epicurean system. ...Németh makes
good use of difficult evidence from *Nat. *XXV, perhaps for the first time
showing what can be done with it beyond the well-worn topic of moral
responsibility. ...Németh also has interesting and often novel things to
say about some other central questions in Epicureanism, such as the atomic

– James Warren, University of Cambridge

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