[MaFLa] Call for Papers: Conference of the International Society for Hermeneutics and Science. 22 – 24 August 2017, Baden, Austria

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Sun May 7 00:00:57 CEST 2017

Tisztelt kollégák!

Ajánlom szíves figyelmükbe az alábbi konferenciát.

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Ropolyi László


We are happy to inform you that the next conference of the International
Society for Hermeneutics and Science (ISHS) will be held between 22 – 24
August 2017, Baden (near Vienna), Austria.

The International Society for Hermeneutics and Science, ISHS,
http://ishs.hu/ is and informal society of academics.The purpose of the
International Society for Hermeneutics and Science is to develop an
understanding of the role of hermeneutics in natural sciences and technology
through, among other activities, organizing meetings, editing a newsletter,
disseminate information, and facilitate discussions by an international
group of scholars.

The first ISHS conference was organized in September 1993 in Hungary and the
last one was held in Vienna and Budapest in July/August 2013. Besides
regular conferences thematic sessions were occasionally organized at the
4S/EASST conferences, last time at their Barcelona conference in August
2016. As for the details you can consult our webpage:
http://ishs.hu/meetings-of-ishs/. This summer the ISHS will have its regular
conference - the 16th in the series of meetings. The aim of the conference
is to provide an open and stimulating atmosphere to discuss all of these

We cordially invite you to participate in the conference and to contribute
to the discussion on the role of hermeneutics in the understanding general
and specific problems of sciences and technologies and related fields.
Papers in these and any related topics are very welcome.

Possible specific topics for discussion include, but are not limited to, the

Hermeneutics as a philosophy of science and technology
Hermeneutic and/or analytic philosophy of science and technology
Science, technology, technoscience
Hermeneutics and the actor-network theory (ANT)
Hermeneutics in science and technology studies (STS)
Understanding, interpretation, explanation
Hermeneutical and phenomenological methods in scientific and everyday
Hermeneutics, phenomenology, post-phenomenology
Hermeneutic vs. semantic methodologies
Hermeneutics in/of specific scientific disciplines
Hermeneutics in/of specific scientific problems
Hermeneutic approaches to information
Hermeneutics and logic
Science and technology in the contexts of social systems and/or life-worlds
Constructivism and hermeneutics
Systems, networks, worlds

Martin Eger memorial lectures
Joseph Kockelmans memorial lectures
Patrick Heelan memorial lectures
György Márkus memorial lectures


* * *


We would like to call your contributions to the Conference of the
International Society for Hermeneutics and Science will be held between 22 –
24 August 2017, in Baden (near Vienna), Austria.

The organizer: International Society for Hermeneutics and Science,

Conference website: http://ishs.hu/

Facebook event:

Keynote speakers:
Ágnes Heller (New York, Budapest)
Babette Babich (New York)
Patricia (Trish) Glazebrook (Pullman)
(additional keynote speakers will be advertised on the website)

The general plan for the conference is the following:

Day of arrival: Monday, August 21, 2017
August 22: Opening of conference, lectures, and reception (evening)
August 23: Lectures in the morning, social program in the afternoon
August 24: Lectures and farewell evening
Day of departure: Friday, August 25, 2017

The conference will be held at the “Theater am Steg” in Baden, Johannesgasse
14, 2500 Baden, Austria
Baden is a very lovely baroque town about 25 km distance to Vienna

There are many hotels around the conference place, see e.g.:
A collection of proposed hotels (closer than 30 min distance from the
conference place by foot)

Hotel Sacher Baden****
At The Park****
Parkhotel Baden****
Schloss Weikersdorf****
Admiral Am Kurpark****
Thermenvilla Gutenbrunn****
Helenental (B&B)
Motel Baden
Apartement am Kurpark
Kleine Ferienwohnung mit Garten

The conference has a special offer of Hotel Rauch:

Pelzgasse 3
A 2500 Baden

Room with breakfast: 40 EUR/night
20 rooms are reserved till June 30, 2017
Room reservations should be directed to Guenther Fleck:
guenther.fleck at bmlvs.gv.at

Registration and financial information:
Please register to the conference here: http://ishs.hu/registration/

To validate your registration please transfer your registration fee
Registration fee: 390 EUR
Early bird registration fee (if paid before 30 June 2017): 340 EUR
Special discount by request is available for students, PhD students,
unemployed and retired persons, and for those who come from low income
countries. The maximum amount of discount is 50%. For any other information,
please, contact with Günther Fleck (guenther.fleck at bmlvs.gv.at)

The registration fee includes:
     book of abstracts
     coffee breaks

Money transfer concerning the conference fee should be directed to:
Dr. Günther Fleck
ISHS Conference Baden 2017
IBAN: AT 1400 0015 1093 1935

Please note the following schedule and important dates:
     - Registration and sending the abstracts: until 29 May, 2017 please
register yourself and send a cca one page long abstract of your suggested
presentation via online registration link: http://ishs.hu/registration/ In
the case of any problems you can send your data, title and abstract directly
to Laszlo Ropolyi (ropolyi at caesar.elte.hu)
     - Notification on acceptance: continuously, but not later than 4 June
     - To support the successful discussions all accepted abstracts will be
published on the webpage of the ISHS http://www.ishs.hu/ from the middle of
June 2017
     - From the middle of July 2017 all the relevant information, the
program, the abstracts, etc. you can find the webpage of the conference:
http://www.ishs.hu/ and the facebook event:
     - 21 August 2017 the conference starts

Travel information:
You can find the best options for the journey to Baden here:http://www.badenonline.at/en/tourismus/location-accessibility/getting-there

We would be really happy to meet you on the summer. If you need any
additional information do not hesitate to contact one of the organizers:

Guenther Fleck
University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
guenther.fleck at univie.ac.at

Paul Ertl
Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
paul.ertl01 at gmail.com

Olga Kiss
Corvinus University
Budapest, Hungary
kissolga at uni-corvinus.hu

Laszlo Ropolyi
Eotvos University
Budapest, Hungary
ropolyi at caesar.elte.hu

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