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Call for Supporting our Colleagues in Zagreb

Dear All, the bad news from Zagreb philosophy circles is that Croatian
authorities intend to close down the analytic philosophy department in
Zagreb, the one belonging to the Faculty of Croatian Studies.
This department is a very efficient center for analytic philosophy,
doing mainly philosophy of science and philosophy of language. Also,
they have excellent scholars in ancient studies and early modern
philosophy. The department has always operated on international
grounds; many of us participated at their conferences in the last
couple of years. You might know well Tomislav Bracanovic, Dusko Dozudic
and Pavel Grigoric from the department.
I ask all those who feel solidarity with our Zagreb colleagues to sign
this letter of support for keeping this good analytic philosophy
department in the region:


The Croatian Society for Analytic Philosophy will be informed about our
petition so that they may collect other supporting signatures from
friends outside Croatia.

Márta Ujvári

L a s z l o  E.  S z a b o
Professor of Philosophy
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