[MaFLa] WORKSHOP: 1st Central European Graduate Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

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*1st Central European Graduate Workshop in Ancient Philosophy*
25-26 March 2017

This workshop brings together students based in the Central European region
and working on innovative and groundbreaking doctoral projects in Ancient
Philosophy. After presenting their work, each student will receive comments
from a respondent working in their field followed by an open discussion of
the issues and questions arising from their work.

There is no registration fee, but please RSVP to the organisers.

*Day 1*

Saturday, 25 March 2017


Institute of Philosophy

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)

Múzeum krt. 4, building “I”

*14:00   *                        *Introduction*

Georgina White, László Bene

*Session 1.      *

Chair: Emese Mogyoródi (Szeged / Budapest)

*14:30 – 15:40*             Melina Vogiatzi (Munich)

                                    The Byzantine commentaries on the
*topoi* of the *Rhetoric*

                                    Response by Divna Manolova (Katowice)

*16:00 – 17:10*             Ota Gál (Prague / Fribourg)

                                    Unity and multiplicity of the
Intellect. Why is the Intellect beautiful?

                                    Response by Antonio Vargas (Berlin)

*Session 2.*

Chair: István Bodnár (Budapest)

*18:00 – 19:30*             *Keynote*: Barbara Sattler (St Andrews)

The thinking of the World Soul – intellection and astronomy in Plato’s

*Day 2*

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Central European University

Room to be confirmed

*Session 3.*

Chair: László Bene (Budapest)

*09:30 – 11:00*             *Keynote:* John Dillon (Dublin)

                                    The origins of Platonist orthodoxy

*Session 4.*

Chair: Robert Roreitner (Berlin)

*11:20 – 13:30*             Domagoj Polanščak (Zagreb)

The plurality of the unmovable movers

Response by István Bodnár (Budapest)

*Session 5.*

Chair: Ákos Brunner (Budapest)

*15:00 - 16:10*              Ondřej Krása (Prague)

The relationship of Becoming to the Third Kind (*Timaeus* 48-53b)

                                    Response by Ágoston Guba

*16:10 - 17:20  *            Johanna Schmitt (Berlin)

                                    Seneca on why a specific kind of
Dialectic cannot change beliefs

                                    Response by Georgina White (Budapest)

*Session 6.*

Chair: Máté Veres (Hamburg)

17:30 – 19:00              *Keynote: *Gábor Betegh (Cambridge / Budapest)

                                    Plato on illness

*Organisers: *
László Bene (Budapest)
István Bodnár (Budapest)
Robert Roreitner (Berlin)
Máté Veres (Hamburg)
Georgina White (Budapest)

Máté Veres Ph.D
Junior fellow
Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies
University of Hamburg
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