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Kedves Kollégák!

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Hörcher Ferenc
Of Civil Prudence - A polgári okosságról
című előadására.

Az előadás absztraktja:

This talk is going to reconstruct the concept of civil prudence (prudentia civilis) in the discourse of early modern political Aristotelianism, as exemplified among others by Johannes Althusius. It wants to show that there existed a tradition to talk in a philosophically elaborate way about the practicalities of politics before the idea of the State as we know it now was created. This tradition is based on the experience of city governments in medieval Europe, on court literature, on the political ideas of the roferomists and on the humanists' reappropriation of the ancinets, expecially Aristotle and Cicero. The paper also wants to argue that this tradition has a relevance in the context of the crisis of the European Union in the early 21. century. The talk is going to be given in Hungarian, with slides projected in English.

Helyszín: 1014 Budapest, Országház u. 30. Pepita terem
Időpont: 2016 november 8., 16:00.


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