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Prof. Karl Ulrich Mayer (Yale University / Max-Planck-Institut für
Bildungsforschung): "From Weber's "Science as Vocation" (1917) to Horizon

című előadására.
Az előadás helyszíne: 1014 Budapest, Országház u. 30., Pepita terem.

Az előadás absztraktja:

With articles 179 to 190 of the Treaty of Lisbon of 2010 the European Union
received a general mandate in the area of scientific research and for the
formation of a European Research Union. Its main current carrier is the 8th
framework for funding research, better known as “Horizon 2020” providing
more than 70 billion Euros of funds for a period of 7 years. Almost one
hundred years ago Max Weber provided an analysis of how the organisation of
science impinges upon the motives of researchers and how the latter are
related to its quality. What are the purposes of the European programs and
how do they concern the motives of the individual researchers and the
quality of EU-funded research today? In my lecture I will contrast Max
Weber`s sociological view of science with its modern “European” counterpart
and - on that basis – raise some fundamental critical concerns. EU science
suffers from an overload of goals, bureaucracy and policies , a consequent
waste of resources and is lacking an adequate institutional structure. What
we need are institutional designs for European research funding which allow
for three things: first, clarity of purpose; second, protection from direct
political influence; and third, an institutional commitment to the values
of science.

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