[MaFLa] INVITATION Polanyi: Unemployment and Money -- Workshop

Margitay Tihamér BME margitay at filozofia.bme.hu
Sun Aug 16 21:03:51 CEST 2015

*BUTE Department of Philosophy and the History of Science,***

*Michael Polanyi Liberal Philosophical Association*

cordially invite you to

*Michal Polanyi’s *

*Unemployment and Money – 75*



*Date:**04. 09. 2015, Friday*

Venue:*BUTE Dept. of Philosophy and the History of Science

Budapest, Egry József u. 1. E building 612.


9:30-10:00/Unemployment and Money/ (1940) a diagrammatic film by Michael 

10:00-10:30"The Economics Film by Polanyi, 75 Years Later: Changing the 
playground of discussion in (macro) economics" – Eduardo Beira (Portugal)

10:30-11:00Coffee break

11:00-11:30"Michael Polanyi and the Diagrammatic Film: Some Reflections 
on the Media History of the Information Design" – Márton Orosz (Hungary)

11:30-12:00Comments and Questions by Gábor István Bíró (Hungary) and 
Phil Mullins (USA)



Prof. Tihamér MARGITAY**

Institute of Social Studies

Dept. of Philosophy and History of Science
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Egry József u. 1. E. building 610.
H-1111 Hungary

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