[MaFLa] Prospectus előadás, Markovich Réka (Logika és Tudományfilozófia PhD)

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Mon Jun 22 03:41:27 CEST 2015

Filozófiatudományi Doktori Iskola
Logika és Tudományfilozófia Program

Markovich Réka PhD hallgató prospectus előadása a Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics 
(LaPoM) szeminárium keretében 

június 26-án (pénteken) lesz a Logika Tanszéken (Múzeum krt 4/i. II. em. 223.), 16:15-kor.

Az előadás címe: 

The importance of agents in deontic logic


When we speak about deontic logic, traditionally we separate /obligation/, /permission/, 
and /prohibition/ as deontic modalities (with other “subsidiary” modalities in order to make 
the deontic polygon complete). But in the case of legal norms there is a special concept: 
the /right/, decomposing which we get more exact modalities (from a legal point of view). 
At the beginning of the twentieth century (long before the systematic elaboration of 
deontic logic) an American judge, W.N. Hohfeld provided a detailed expounding on 
different – fundamental – legal conceptions to which we refer with the word ‘right’. The 
peculiarity of involving this system in deontic logic is that we can deal with agents, that 
helps us understand some essential features of deontic (and maybe slightly different) 
modalities (too) in law.
In my talk I will introduce this system first, then the attempts to formalize it, and the 
reasons why I am dissatisfied with them. In order to convince you I will talk about 
Constitutional Court judges’ utterances, gay marriage, women living in Copenhagen 
wearing hijab, and the BKV.

L a s z l o  E.  S z a b o
Professor of Philosophy

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