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Subject: [PhilPhys] Final Call for Applications: Doctoral Fellowship at the 
MCMP (LMU Munich)
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 12:50:42
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The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP, http://lmu.de/mcmp) 
and the Chair of Philosophy of Science at the Faculty of Philosophy, 
Philosophy of Science and Study of Religion at LMU Munich seek 
applications for a Doctoral Fellowship. The successful candidate has a 
background in cognitive science or philosophy and works on problems from 
the psychology of reasoning, judgment or decision-making. She or he will 
be part of a team of philosophers and psychologists led by Ulrike Hahn 
(Birkbeck and MCMP) and Stephan Hartmann (MCMP). The fellowship is 
sponsored by Ulrike Hahn?s Anneliese Maier Research Award from the 
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

The fellowship is open for candidates with a masters degree in 
philosophy or psychology. The stipend is for three years, and it should 
be taken up by October 1, 2015, but a later starting date is also 
possible. (Please let us know if you wish to start at a later date.) The 
stipend will amount to EUR 1500 of monthly salary (normally tax-free, 
but excluding insurance). Additionally, the MCMP helps its fellows with 
the costs that arise from attending conferences (fees, 
traveling, accommodation).

Applications (including a cover letter that addresses, amongst others, 
one's academic background and research interests, a CV, a list of 
publications, a list of taught courses, a sample of written work of 
no more than 5000 words, and a description of a planned research project 
of 1000-1500 words) should be sent by email (ideally everything 
requested in one PDF document) to office.hartmann at lrz.uni 
<mailto:office.hartmann at lrz.uni>-muenchen.de <http://muenchen.de/> by 
April 22, 2015. Hard copy applications are not accepted. Additionally, 
one confidential letter of reference addressing the applicant's 
qualifications for academic research should be sent to the same address 
from the referee directly.

The MCMP hosts a vibrant research community of faculty, postdoctoral 
fellows, doctoral fellows, master students, and visiting fellows. It 
organizes at least two weekly colloquia and a weekly internal work 
in-progress seminar, as well as various other activities such as 
workshops, conferences, summer schools, and reading groups. Several of 
our research projects are conducted in collaboration with scientists. 
The successful candidate will partake in all of MCMP's academic 
activities and enjoy its administrative facilities and financial 
support. The official language at the MCMP is English and fluency in 
German is not mandatory.

We especially encourage female scholars to apply. The LMU in general, 
and the MCMP in particular, endeavor to raise the percentage of women 
among its academic personnel. Furthermore, given equal qualification, 
preference will be given to candidates with disabilities.

Contact for informal inquiries: Professor Ulrike Hahn (U.Hahn at bbk.ac.uk 
<mailto:U.Hahn at bbk.ac.uk>) and Professor Stephan Hartmann 
(S.Hartmann at lmu.de <mailto:S.Hartmann at lmu.de>)


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