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Hi all,

Could you please share information about this postdoc with graduating
students, and recent doctoral graduates?


Postdoctoral Fellowship in Foundations of Physics

The Rotman Institute of Philosophy invites applications for a
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Foundations of Physics. The Fellowship will
provide a new scholar in foundations of physics with a unique
opportunity to pursue his or her chosen areas of scholarly research in
collaboration with physicists and philosophers. For suitable candidates,
it may be possible to hold a Postdoctoral Fellowship jointly between the
Rotman Institute and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.


The Rotman Institute of Philosophy is situated in one of Canada’s
leading departments of philosophy. It brings together philosophers and
scientists to work on problems of global significance. Rotman faculty
include two Canada Research Chair holders, and within the philosophy of
physics, faculty pursue special interests in the foundations of quantum
mechanics, history and philosophy of space-time theories, and the
philosophy of cosmology, as well as in connections between physical
theory and general questions in methodology, epistemology, and


The Postdoctoral Fellowship in Foundations of Physics has a one-year
term with the possibility of renewal for a second year. The Fellow will
be supervised by faculty from the Rotman Institute of Philosophy. She or
he will have an office within the Rotman Institute. Fellows are required
to involve themselves fully in the research life of the Institute by
conducting research leading to peer-reviewed publications and conference
presentations, and by participating in conferences, research groups,
reading groups, and outreach activities. 


Candidates must have had a PhD in philosophy or physics or related field
conferred within five years of the start of the Fellowship. All PhD
requirements must be completed by the starting date of this Postdoctoral
Fellowship. The stipend is $40,500 CDN. Additionally, the Fellow will be
provided a research allowance of $5,000 CDN.

Apply online at
http://www.rotman.uwo.ca/postdoctoral-fellow-job-postings/ . After
creating a profile, apply by clicking ‘Apply Now’, fill in all fields,
uploading your curriculum vitae, writing sample of no more than 8000
words, and research statement, as PDF documents. You will also be asked
to enter the email addresses of your referees that will be sending your
letter of reference. You will receive a URL to share with them to submit
their letter of reference. You can return and check your profile to see
if your referees have submitted their letter. If you have problems,
please email rotman at uwo.ca.

Online applications are strongly encouraged, but if you are not able to
apply on online, you may send a curriculum vitae, writing sample of no
more than 8000 words, research statement, and three letters of reference
to: Carol Suter, 2150A Stevenson Hall, Western University, 1151 Richmond
St, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B8. Letters of reference for hard-copy
applications should come directly from referees.   

Candidates who wish to be considered for a joint fellowship position
with the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics should indicate
this interest in their cover letter.  They must also submit an
application to both the Rotman Institute and to the Perimeter Institute;
http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/about/careers/positions/2014-postdoctoral-fellowship  for instructions for submission to the Perimeter Institute.  


Review of applications will begin on Jan. 15, 2015 and will continue
until the position is filled. Applicants should have fluent oral and
written communication skills in English. All qualified candidates are
encouraged to apply; however, Canadian citizens and permanent residents
will be given priority. Western University is committed to employment
equity and welcomes applications from all qualified women and men,
including visible minorities, aboriginal people and persons with


Rob Read
Administrative Assistant 
Rotman Institute of Philosophy
Western University
Stevenson Hall, Rm. 2150E
London, ON, Canada, N6A 5B8
e. robread at uwo.ca
p. 519.661.2111 x85740 

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