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AHRC Project Doctoral Studentship in Metaphysics / Phil Physics / Phil

** Application Deadline: 31 January 2015 **
* Under the new AHRC regulations those with a relevant PhD are also
eligible to apply. *

An AHRC-funded PhD studentship will be available from 1 March 2015 in
the School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science at the
University of Leeds. (A later start date, up to 1 September 2015, may be
possible; expressions of interest are invited.)
The studentship is part of the AHRC-funded project ‘Scientific Realism
and the Quantum’ (PI: Juha Saatsi, Co-I: Steven French). The successful
applicant will engage in research on a suitable topic in metaphysics
and/or philosophy of physics/science. 

The project will be concerned with the relationship between metaphysics
and physics. It could for example focus on specific metaphysical issues
concerning quantum physics, and/or appropriate meta-metaphysical issues,
or methodological issues in metaphysics as they relate to or are
affected by relevant features of modern physics.

The award holders will benefit from the activities of the Centre for the
History and Philosophy of Science and the Centre for the Metaphysics and
Mind, and from contact with national and international experts in
philosophy of science and philosophy of physics through the programme of
international visitors, seminars and workshops funded by the project.

Information about the Studentship

The studentship is tenable for up to 3 years (full-time), starting 1
March 2015. A later start date, up to 1 September 2015, may be possible;
expressions of interest are invited. Renewal of the studentship each
year is subject to satisfactory academic progress.

AHRC regulations require that applicants must meet UK residency criteria
or be ordinarily resident in the EU.  EU candidates are normally
eligible for a fees-only award, unless they have been ordinarily
resident in the UK for 3 years immediately preceding the date of the
award.  Applicants should normally have, or be studying for, a Master’s
degree in Philosophy. Further details concerning eligibility are
available via the AHRC website at: 

Full awards cover academic fees at the standard UK rate and a
maintenance grant for full-time study.

Scholarship Funding    

Applicants must be either UK residents (full studentship) or EU
nationals (fees only).  They should normally have, or expect soon to be
awarded, a Masters degree in a relevant discipline (philosophy or
physics), though exceptions can be made for applicants with strong
undergraduate records and relevant experience.  Those with a relevant
PhD are also eligible. 

The studentship support three years' full-time work.  Standard tuition
fees and maintenance grants will be paid by the AHRC to the nominated
student at RCUK rates  (minimum of £13,863 for 2014-5). Renewal of the
studentship each year is subject to satisfactory academic progress.


The closing date for applications is 31st January 2015.  You should also
arrange for two academic references to be sent to us by this date.

The following documents should be submitted with your cover letter:
•    500 word PhD proposal;
•    a copy of your degree transcripts (or a transcript of your marks to
date if you are currently completing a degree);
•    a sample of written work, consisting of a philosophical essay on a
question of your choice, not less than 3000 words in length;
•    CV.

All applications and references should be sent to Jenneke Stevens,
Postgraduate Administrator, School of PRHS, University of Leeds, Leeds
LS2 9JT, email: PRHS_PGEnquiries at leeds.ac.uk, tel: 0113 343 3263.

Intending applicants should contact Dr Juha Saatsi
(J.T.Saatsi at leeds.ac.uk) for information about the project and the

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