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PhD Studentship in Quantum Systems Engineering at Loughborough

Dear All

Please find details (from jobs.ac.uk<http://jobs.ac.uk>) of a PhD
studentship that I have that may be of interest. As the advert makes it
look quite applied it may be worth noting that the foundations side of
the work will concentrate on the measurement problem (expanding on our
work in http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.physleta.2010.05.006) and the
quantum to classical transition.

If you know of any good candidates who may be interested I should be
most grateful if you would encourage them to apply.

Many thanks



PhD Studentship at Loughborough University

[cid:D173D36A-C0C5-49FF-96DE-D9E00514A8AD]Great jobs for bright people
A fully funded PhD studentship is available in the area of Quantum
Systems Engineering for Enabling Emerging Technologies. The rapidly
developing field of quantum technologies looks set to have a
transformative impact on core enabling technologies from sensors to
communications. There is a need for fundamental research that will
enable the shift from laboratory devices and prototypes into
manufacture and deployment. The aim of this project is to investigate
the suitability of systems engineering methodologies to the development
of reliable quantum devices. You will bring an element of total design
thinking to the development of devices dependent on sensitive aspects
of quantum physics such as "spooky action at a distance". In essence we
need to be able to decide if a given quantum device can be deployed in
a given situation - your research will contribute to making such a
framework a reality.

You will join a dynamic and expanding interdisciplinary research team
working across engineering and science. You will have a strong
background in quantum mechanics and be willing to develop expertise in
systems and reliability engineering techniques pertinent to quantum


Candidates should hold, or expect to receive, a first or upper second
class degree in physics or mathematics and meet the University entrance

Funding includes a maintenance award of £13,863 per year plus payment
of UK/EU fees for students who meet residency and EPSRC rules for
eligibility. Award of fees is only available to students eligible to
pay UK/EU fees.

Application Information

Application forms are available at
http://www.lboro.ac.uk/study/apply/research/ and should be completed by
the 22th August 2014.

If you would like to know more please contact Mark Everitt at
m.j.everitt at lboro.ac.uk.

The Physics Department at Loughborough University follows the
principles of Project Juno and the Athena SWAN Charter by wishing to
attract, support and reward women.

L a s z l o  E.  S z a b o
Professor of Philosophy
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