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Subject: [quantum-foundations] 3 postdoc positions at Oxford, CS,
Quantum Group

The Quantum Group at the Department of Computer Science has three
fixed-term postdoctoral research assistant positions of which two are
expected to last for at least 2 years and one for 1 year, starting
October 2014 or as soon as possible thereafter. 

The positions are funded by the EPSRC Grants `A Unified Model of
Compositional and Distributional Semantics: Theory and Applications'
and `Quantum Mathematics and Computation', the AFORS grant `Algorithmic
and Logical Aspects when Composing Meanings', and the JTF grant
`Categorical Unification: where Foundational Physics, Natural Language
and Rational Processes Meet'.

The successful candidates will be expected to contribute to the
research of the quantum group which is led by Professors Samson
Abramsky and Bob Coecke and includes Drs Jon Barrett, Chris Heunen and
Jamie Vicary as senior members. 

Up to two of the positions will be on compositional distributional
models of natural language meaning, led by Professor Bob Coecke, and in
collaboration with Professor Stephen Pulman in the linguistics group. 

More information about the quantum group and its research is available
at: www.cs.ox.ac.uk/activities/quantum/

Applicants must have experience in one of the following areas:
- quantum information and/or mathematical physics and/or quantum
- computational linguistics and/or natural language processing
- applied logic and/or applied category theory.

The closing date for applications is 12.00 noon on 31 July 2014.
Application details:

L a s z l o  E.  S z a b o
Professor of Philosophy
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