[MaFLa] Art & Morality -- A Human Endeavor

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Fri May 23 14:27:36 CEST 2014

*Art & Morality – A Human Endeavor*

*June 4-5, 2014*

*Central European University, Faculty Tower 809*

Organized by the *What it is to be human* research group

*June 4*

 13:15 – 13:30


13:30 – 14:15

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein (Gulf University): *Kitsch and Bullshit: An Ethical
Fault in the Realm of Aesthetics?*


Silvia Giurgiu (Babes-Bolyai University): *The Evil of Bad Taste. Ethical
Categories in Negative Literary Criticism (Case Study: Vulgarity in
Literature by Aldous Huxley)*

15:00 – 15:30

Coffee break

15:30 – 16:15

Alison Denham (Oxford University): *Celan on Ethical Estrangement:
Pictures, Poetry & Epistemic Value*

16:15 – 17:00

Mihail Evans (Institute for Advanced Studies, NEC): *Art in the Frame:
Spiritual America and the Ethics of Images*

17:00 – 17:30

Coffee break

17:30 – 19:00

Jesse Prinz (City University of New York): *Ethics and Aesthetics:
Parallels and Interactions*

19:30 –

Conference dinner

*June 5*

 10:00 – 10:45

Matthew Rowe (City & Guilds of London Art School): *Where Architecture Sits
- Moral Pillars to the Aesthetic Appreciation of Architecture?*

10:45 – 11:30

Emily Holman (Oxford University): *Form, content and attitude: use of
language, the ‘literary’ and the ‘moral’*

11:45 – 12:30

Kamila Pacovská (University of Pardubice): *Beauty, Goodness and Love:
Simone Weil’s Interpretation of the Iliad*

12:30 – 13:30

Lunch break

13:30 – 14:15

Tóth Olivér István (Central European University): *Yes, Spinozist
Aesthetics is possible!*

14:15 – 15:00

Christopher Wörner (University of St. Andrews): *Fictive Externalism and
the Ethics of Imagining*

You can find the conference program on our website:

Registration is free. For registration and more information contact Tibor
Bárány (barany.tibor at gmail.com), Zsolt Bátori (zsolt.batori at gmail.com) or
Anna Réz (rez_anna at ceu-budapest.edu).
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