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Thu Apr 4 10:40:19 CEST 2013

Kedves Kollégák!

Figyelmükbe ajánlom a Horvát Filozófiai Társaság éves nemzetközi
konferenciáját, amelynek idei témája a filozófia kortárs helyzete és
releváns irányzatai.

Továbbítom a zágrábi barátaink levelét a mellékletekkel.

Pató Attila

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From: Days of Frane Petric <dfp.cres at gmail.com>
Date: 2013/4/3
Subject: Cres, Croatia – “Perspectives of Philosophy” symposium
To: Days of Frane Petric <dfp.cres at gmail.com>

Dear Colleague,

Croatian Philosophical Society has a pleasure to invite you to the
international and interdisciplinary conference “Perspectives of Philosophy”
which is to be held *22–25 September 2013*, in Town of Cres, Croatia,
within the framework of 22nd *Days of Frane Petric*.

Attached please find Call for Papers and Registration form.

Note that the deadline for abstract submission is *15 May 2013*

(to an e-mail address: dfp.cres at gmail.com or ivana.zagorac at gmail.com).

Feel free to forward this e-mail to interested colleagues.

* *

*From the Call for Papers*:

The underlying intention of the “Perspectives of Philosophy” symposium is
twofold: on the one hand, to investigate the role and position of
philosophy today, and on the other, to examine its developmental
potentials, particularly those that have resulted in an increasing number
of sub-disciplines of philosophy. More specifically, it seems that, despite
predictions of its end which have been following it for at least a century,
philosophy today has been revitalised both theoretically and practically.
Accordingly, this symposium wishes to research the perspectives of the
development of philosophy itself, and the potency of its newly shaped forms
for discussions of the already existing, “eternal” philosophical questions,
as well as of the latest ones marking the beginning of the 21st century.

The symposium addresses philosophers, scientists, experts and practitioners
of the widest background, who are involved in the questions of philosophy
in their work systematically and critically. The question of the future of
philosophy as such and its ability to communicate with everyday life are at
the heart of this symposium.

Looking forward seeing you in Cres!


Bruno Curko, Ph.D., & Ivana Zagorac, Ph.D.

*Days of Frane Petric*
Croatian Philosophical Society
tel: +385 1 6111 808
fax: +385 1 6170 682
e-mail: dfp.cres at gmail.com;
ivana.zagorac at gmail.com

Dr. Pató Attila
attila.pato at gmail.com
tel: + 420 77 302 31 02
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