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Kedves Kollégák,

Az MTA BTK Filozófiai Intézete (Budapest, I. kerület, Országház u. 30.),
2013. április 15-én 17 órai kezdettel szeretettel meghívja Önöket

Mark Sprevak (University of Edinburgh), "Is the Extended Mind Hypothesis

című előadására. Az előadás absztraktja lentebb olvasható.

Sivadó Ákos

The extended mind hypothesis (EM) claims that some of our mental
states/processes extend outside our heads and into objects in our
environment, such as notebooks and iPhones. The existing debate
concerning EM has focused on questions of justification concerning EM:
whether we should believe that EM is true or false based on current
evidence. This paper takes a step back and focuses on a prior
question: what does it even mean to say that mental states/processes
"extend" into physical objects? Some theorists doubt that a good
answer can be provided, and have concluded that EM is not a genuine
statement of fact. In this paper, I look at 4 proposals for cashing
out EM. I argue only one proposal---based on the realisation
relation---has a chance of success. However, even the realisation
proposal has significant, and unanticipated, revisionary consequences
for EM.
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