[MaFLa] Intuition, Reasoning, and Ethics (Annual joint conference, Institute of Philosophy, ELTE - Hungarian Philosophical Association), Call for papers

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Fri May 24 21:30:04 CEST 2013

Intuition, Reasoning, and Ethics

Annual joint conference of the Institute of Philosophy, Eötvös University 
and the Hungarian Philosophical Association

Budapest, 19-20 September 2013

G. E. Moore's Principia Ethica was published 110 years ago. It exerted 
enormous influence over ethics in the analytical tradition ever since. 
Virtually all of its major claims have been questioned, along with the 
meta-ethical approach it embodies, and the intuitionism, antinaturalism, 
cognitivism and objectivism manifested in the Principia have been 
considered untenable by many. With the renaissance of metaethics, however, 
in the last third of the twentieth century, debates have been reignited 
over antinaturalism, cognitivism and objectivism, while intuitions and 
their epistemological status and worth have been a topic of growing 
importance outside ethics as well. We welcome all submissions aiming 
either at re-thinking, evaluating, developing or dismantling Moore's ideas 
or contributing to the philosophical discussion of related themes inside 
and outside of ethics, such as the nature of the good, the role of 
intuition in philosophical reasoning, as well as naturalism and 

This year the organizers of the conference intend to include a section in 
English in the programme. Abstracts of talks of 25 minutes, in c. 200 
words, should be sent to the e-mail address PrincipiaEthicaCX at gmail.com by 
the end of June.
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