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for a special edition of the journal "Pragmatism Today" (

entitled "Pragmatism and Feminist Philosophies."

Due March 31, 2014.

Twenty (20) pages maximum or 44,000 characters.

Chicago Manual of Style

Pragmatism and Feminism are two vitally important traditions of thought,
which could possibly enrich one another. Pragmatism could lend to feminism
an additional resource for thinking about the body in terms of its lived
experience. Feminism could lend to pragmatism an additional resource for
thinking about how to make philosophy a form of social criticism. Each
tradition could also be used to criticize the other, improving and
advancing it in some way. There are many possibilities. We will consider
all papers on any topic that connects these two significant traditions of
thought and encourages us to think about these traditions in a new way.

Please send submissions to the guest editor, Donald J. Morse through email:

dmorse at webster.edu
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