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Date: 2013/2/27
Subject: Fwd: Fisp Assembly in Athens - Message to all FISP Member
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Tisztelt Kollégák!

A FISP Fötitkárának levelét továbbítom.

FONTOS: Már csak 1 nap áll rendelkezésre: az elöadások jelentkezési
határideje február 28.

A FISP várja az Elnökség tisztújítására tett javaslatokat is.

További információ a levélben, alább.

Pató Attila

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From: Luca Maria Scarantino <scaranti at ehess.fr>
Date: 2013/2/18
Subject: Fisp Assembly in Athens - Message to all FISP Member Societies.
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 (Message en français envoyé séparément).

Message to all FISP Member Societies.

Dear Colleagues,

we are getting rapidly close to the Opening Ceremony of the next World
Congress of Philosophy (Athens, Aug 4-10, http://www.wcp2013.gr/). The
programme of the Congress is now considerably thick, and you can find on
the wcp2013.gr page the list of the Plenary Sessions, Symposia, Invited
Sessions and Round Tables that have been approved so far.

May I also mention that our Greek Colleagues were kind enough to extend the
deadline for Early Registration fees to Feb 28, in order to facilitate the
registration procedure for those of us who submitted their papers shortly
before the original deadline of Feb 1.

The website also contains the list of the Society Sessions that have been
proposed so far. Please check the information about your Society and let me
have any feedback about it. In case you did not propose any such session,
yet your Society would like to organize a special session or meeting during
the Congress, please let me know it as soon as possible. We will try to
accommodate as many Fisp member societies as possible, although limitations
of time and space may apply.

Let me also add some useful information to the message I sent out to Fisp
member societies on August 23, 2012.

1) Fisp GA. The exact date for the Fisp General Assembly is now decided. It
will take place on Friday, August 9, from 9h to 17h30. The exact room where
it will be take place will be decided in agreement with our Greek hosts in
due time, and will appear in the final program of the Congress.

2) Delegates. The names of the Delegates of each member society shall be
communicated to me by June 30 at latest. Following the requests of some of
our Colleagues, I am happy to attach the corresponding form. Those
societies who have already informed me of the names of their delegates, do
not need to send it again. Please note that the number of delegates that
each society is entitled to send to the Assembly depends on the type of
membership that society has to Fisp. In case of doubt, or for any other
information, do not hesitate to contact me.

3) Fees. May I remind you that, in order to take part in the Assembly,
societies shall have paid their annual fees until 2013 included. Payment
may be received by a representative of Fisp Treasurer's during the Congress
and prior to the opening of the General Assembly. For any further query
concerning the payment of annual fees, please contact Fisp Treasurer, Prof.
Guido Kueng (guido.kueng at unifr.ch).

4) Agenda. I will be more than glad, as mentioned in my August message, to
receive proposals about items you would like to be included in the agenda
of the Assembly. Although the time for the Assembly will be limited to a
maximum of one day, as usual, I will do all my best to take your proposals
into account at the moment of preparing the agenda of our Assembly.

5) Nominations. Finally, I would like to remind you that the deadline for
submitting proposals for nominations for the next Steering Committee as
well as for the Presidency of Fisp is June 30, 2013. Nominations shall be
sent to me and will be closed after that date. We already received several
proposals to either of these effects, on behalf of one or more societies,
and I am glad to encourage you to send me further nominations you may wish
to submit. The final list will be published in our newsletter: you will
receive it in July. You may wish to send your proposals on your society
stationery, or simply through a formal e-mail communication by one of the
entitled officers of your society. Again, societies that have already sent
such proposals do not need to send them again. Please do not forget that
nominations shall include a brief CV of the person you nominate as well as a
statement where the nominee presents her/his views about the role of Fisp
in the next years and what she/he proposes to contribute to it. May I also
recall that several Steering Committee members are re-eligible, and that
the Committee itself decided, on its last meeting in Benin, to nominate
them for a further term. Further precisions about the composition of the
Steering Committee, its tasks and its election may be found in the
Constitution and Bye-Laws of Fisp, at the address *
Well, all I have to add now is that I look forward to meeting you all in
Athens. Despite the troubles that our Greek hosts have been undergoing in
the recent years, they have made all efforts to make this Congress a
memorable one. I believe they deserve our gratitude and admiration.

Yours most cordially,

Luca M. Scarantino
Secretary-general of FISP

Dr. Pató Attila
attila.pato at gmail.com
tel: + 420 77 302 31 02

Dr. Pató Attila
attila.pato at gmail.com
tel: + 420 77 302 31 02
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