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Attila Pato attila.pato at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 21:57:10 CET 2012

Kedves Kollégák,

Továbbítom a Montclair State University egy nagyon rövid kérdőívét: a
Philosophy for Children programot szeretnék kiterjeszteni, potenciálisan
on-line kurzus formájában is!

A P4C számos országban és sokféle formában van jelen. Lemaradásunk e téren
számottevőnek mondható - függetlenül ezirányban megmutatkozó nézeteink
megalapozott, illetve legitim voltától.

  Az on-line képzés segíthet a P4C magyarországi megjelenésében, illetve

Köszönöm a figyelmüket,
Pató Attila

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Greetings all,

Please review the following email from Maughn Gregory, Faculty Advisor to
the IAPC:

Colleagues and Friends,

Many of you know that the doctoral program at Montclair, which had a focus
on Philosophy for Children, was suspended last year, meaning that we
stopped accepting new students while we studied how we might reconstruct
that program to  be stronger and, yes, more marketable.

I'm proud to say that we have come up with a very exciting new iteration of
the program, and that it will still retain a focus on Philosophy for
Children.  However, before we are able to begin again, we must demonstrate
to our administration that the program is financially viable - meaning that
it would draw a sufficient number of students.

To that end, we have constructed a short online survey, and I ask that you
take just a few minutes to take the survey now, to help us show the
administration how well our new program would be supported by the national
and international community.  You will find the new program description in
the survey.

Here is the link to the survey:


Thank you so very much for your support!


Joe Oyler
Programs Coordinator
Institute for the Advancement of
Philosophy for Children
oylerj at mail.montclair.edu
www.montclair.edu/iapc <http://cehs.montclair.edu/academic/iapc/>

Dr. Pató Attila
attila.pato at gmail.com
tel: + 420 77 302 31 02
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