[MaFLa] invitation to a talk on`Motor representation and goal ascription`by Corrado Sinigaglia, 25 September, 5.30 PM

Krisztina Biber Biberk at ceu.hu
Tue Sep 11 11:53:37 CEST 2012

The CEU Department of Philosophy cordially invites you to a talk 
(as part of its Departmental Colloquium series)
Corrado Sinigaglia (University of Milan)
`Motor representation and goal ascription`
Tuesday, 25 September , 2012, 5.30 PM, Zrinyi 14, Room 412
Observing another agent acting recruits the same motor resources that
would be involved if one were actually acting oneself.  There is
evidence that such motor recruitment facilitates understanding others'
actions. Further, several studies have shown that the richer one’s motor
representation, the greater one's ability to understand others' actions.
But how could motor representation facilitate action understanding? The
talk aims to tackle this question by introducing a new account of
action. This account, I shall argue, enables us to understand the role
of motor cognition in action understanding and sheds new light on the
ways we mind others' minds.
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