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Tisztelt Kollégák!

Örömmel továbbítom a hírt, hogy a FISP NEWSLETTER közölte a Charles Taylor
budapesti programjáról szóló beszámolót - ezúton is köszönet Olay Csabának.


Hungarian Philosophical Society

Charles Taylor (McGill University Montreal) is one of the most distinctive
figures in contemporary philosophy who has made considerable contributions
to a wide range of fields including moral theory, theories of subjectivity,
political theory, epistemology, hermeneutics, philosophy of mind,
philosophy of language and aesthetics.

Csaba Olay (Eötvös University Budapest), the Institut Français Budapest and
the Central European University along with Eötvös University Budapest and
the Centre d'herméneutique phénomenologique Paris IV Sorbonne organized an
international bilingual (English – French) conference with the title
Charles Taylor - Interpretation, modernity, and identity on the 5th and the
6th of June 2012 in Budapest. Beside an international team of scholars
investigating different aspects of his oeuvre, Professor Taylor himself
gave a talk in French „L'identité de la personne moderne" and also took
time to address the issues raised at the conference.

The lectures of the conference focused on central issues of Charles
Taylor's thought. Jean-Claude Gens (Université de Bourgogne Dijon) treated
various problems of intercultural communication (Le défi de l'entente
interculturelle). Christian Berner (Université Lille 3 Charles-de-Gaulle)
elaborated presuppositions concerning dialogue and understanding under
conditions of pluralism (Dialogue et compréhension : les communautés
d'interprétation à l'épreuve du pluralisme). Claude Romano (Université
Paris 4 Sorbonne) dedicated thoroughgoing considerations to the concept of
the self in Taylor's thought (Le soi implicit). Taylor's basic project of
overcoming epistemology was the topic of David Weberman's talk (Central
European University, About the Idea of Overcoming Epistemology), and Gábor
Boros (Eötvös University Budapest) investigated the historical background
of Taylor's idea of affirming ordinary life (On affirmation of ordinary
life). Ferenc  Hörcher (Pázmány Catholic University) gave an overview on
the basic tenets of Taylor's thought (Sources of the self? Philosophy and
literature in Charles Taylor's way of writing), while Anett Hadházy (Eötvös
University Budapest) tried to put Taylor's politics of recognition in
contemporary context (Politics of recognition). Last but not least, Csaba
Olay (Eötvös University Budapest) analyzed Taylor's complex relation to the
hermeneutical tradition, especially to Gadamer's hermeneutics (Gadamer and
Taylor on Interpretation).


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