[MaFLa] CfP: Nature, emotion, contract: Before and after Rousseau

Istvan Bodnar stb at elte.hu
Sat May 26 19:54:49 CEST 2012

The Institute of Philosophy of Eötvös University, Budapest starts the 
academic year with a conference on 27-28 September 2012

Nature, emotion, contract: Before and after Rousseau

on the occasion of the tercentennary of Rousseau's birth

The conference is intended to focus on the multifarious nature and 
originality of Rousseau's thought, and its contemporary impact and 
enduring relevance. Besides talks concentrating on Rousseau's work, we 
would like to invite submissions setting the oeuvre in the larger context 
of the Enlightenment, and addressing the history of its reception.

Although the conference will be mostly in Hungarian, we plan to have a 
foreign language session.

Submissions can be sent by 25 June to the address


with title and short abstract of talk (not exceeding 20 lines).
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