[MaFLa] December 1., 17:30 -- Jim Hankinson: Experience and Expertise: Greek views concerning the acquisition of expert knowledge

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A CEU Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies előadás-sorozatában

2011. december 1-én, csütörtökön, du. 5:30-kor

a CEU Nádor u. 13-as épületének 001-es termében

Jim Hankinson (University of Texas at Austin)

tart előadást

Experience and Expertise: Greek views concerning the acquisition of expert 



The concept of techne, skill or expertise, had a long history in the Greek 
world. The term is found already in Homer; but it is in the Classical period 
that the concept itself begins to be investigated. In particular, the question 
of whether medicine qualifies or not was the subject of debate in the 
Sophistical milieu of the late 5th-century, as exemplified by the Hippocratic 
text On the Techne. Both Plato and Aristotle contribute to the attempt to 
characterize the boundaries of the concept, and hence to determine whether or 
not rhetoric (for instance) qualifies - Plato says 'no', Aristotle demurs. Such 
questions resurface in later antiquity, in the context both of philosophical 
definition and of practical as well as theoretical disputes as to the nature 
and foundation of medical practice. This talk will trace certain key features 
of this historical development.

R.J. Hankinson was educated in Britain, and has taught in Canada and the United 
States. He is currently professor of Philosophy and Classics at the University 
of Texas at Austin, and head of the Program in History and Philosophy of 
Science. He has published several books and numerous articles on various 
aspects of ancient philosophy and science, including The Sceptics and Cause and 
Explanation in Ancient Greek Thought. He is also the editor of the Cambridge 
Companion to Galen as well as the journal Apeiron.
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