[MaFLa] invitation to a talk on`Virtue Epistemology and Armchair Knowledge`by Nenad Miscevic - 29 November, 4.30 PM

Krisztina Biber Biberk at ceu.hu
Wed Nov 23 10:20:26 CET 2011

The CEU Department of Philosophy cordially invites you to a talk 
(as part of its Departmental Colloquium series)
Nenad Miscevic (University of Maribor/CEU) 
`Virtue Epistemology and Armchair Knowledge`
Tuesday, 29 November, 2011, 4.30 PM, Zrinyi 14, Room 412
Virtue-epistemology goes with aposterioritiy more cautiously, that the
virtue-theoretic justification of armhcair (intuitional) beliefs is a
structured one, containing important a posteriori elements. The pure
intuition-derived justification might be (to some extent) a priori, but
the full justification will involve heterogenous elements, and bring in
aposteriority. The talk concentrates on John Greco’s proposal a priori
intuition capacity and related ability etc.) Gets a part of its full
justification from other, empirically oriented abilities (prominently
perceptual ones). I want to show that withing Greco’s framework this
seems to be part of the notion of integration. No matter how we
descriptively characterize the integration-ties (possibly as
non-inferential), they contribute to justification, and some of their
crucial components are experiential. This then supports the presence of
an a aposteriori component. 
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