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Tisztelt kollégák!

2011 június 24-én, pénteken 11 órától a Lukács Archívumban (1056 
Budapest, Belgrád rakpart 2. V. emelet) tart előadást

Andrew Feenberg

Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Technology
School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, Canada

"Agency and Citizenship in a Technological Society" címmel.

Az előadás rövid kivonata:

Citizenship implies agency, but what is agency and how is agency possible 
in a technologically advanced society where so much of life is organized 
around technical systems commanded by experts? This paper addresses these 
questions from the standpoint of philosophy of technology and 
constructivist technology studies. The paper first establishes the 
conditions of agency, which are knowledge, power, and an appropriate 
occasion. It then considers the role of bias in the construction of 
technological systems and the importance of participant interests in 
modifying that bias. Finally, the paper addresses the wider issue of the 
prospects for civilizational change required by the environmental crisis 
in a globalizing technological regime.

Az előadáson minden érdeklődőt örömmel látunk.


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