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Subject: FW: PhD position in Ghent
Date: Saturday 15 May 2010, 18:43:10
From: M.Redei at lse.ac.uk
To: leszabo at phil.elte.hu

The Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science of Ghent University
(http://logica.ugent.be/centrum/) has a vacancy for a pre-doctoral
researcher in a research project entitled /Contextual and formal-logical
approach to scientific problem solving processes.///

*Supervisors*: Prof. Dr. Erik Weber & Prof. Dr. Joke Meheus.
*Period*: 1 October 2010 till 30 September 2014.
*Salary:* approx. 1700 EUR/month (net).

*Profile of the candidate:*
- Master's degree in philosophy.
- Advanced knowledge of the philosophy of science and formal logic
- Able to read, speak and write in English in a very fluent way.

*Description of the project + task of the researcher:
*The general aim of the project is to develop formal tools -- in the
adaptive logics tradition originating in the work of D. Batens -- for
the analysis of scientific reasoning processes. Other researchers
already working on this project deal with e.g. abductive and inductive
reasoning and conceptual change.
The task of the new researcher is to develop adaptive logics that are
suitable for application in one of the following domains:
(1) causal reasoning (causal discovery, evidence for causal claims and
applications of causal knowledge);
(2) counterfactual reasoning (arguing about counterfactuals and
reasoning starting from counterfactual knowledge);
(3) scientific explanations (reasoning process leading towards
explanations; formal explication of explanatory power).

*The adaptive logics homepage (http://logica.ugent.be/adlog/al.html)
contains an introduction to adaptive logics and references to papers on
this topic.

If you are interested in this position, send an email with your CV and
to Erik.Weber at UGent.be <mailto:Erik.Weber at UGent.be>, not later than 6
June 2010.

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