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 The *Department of Medieval Studies*

of Central European University
cordially invites you

to the *public lecture* of

*Matthew Kempshall*

*Wadham** College,* *University** of Oxford***


*Rhetoric and the Writing of History * *c.400-c.1500*

* *

at 17:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CEU- Faculty Tower, # 409

Budapest, V. Nádor u. 9.


'Rhetoric and the Writing of History' provides an analytical overview of
the vast range of historiography which was produced in western Europe over a
thousand-year period between c.400 and c.1500. Concentrating on the general
principles of classical rhetoric which informed so much of the language of
this writing, alongside the more familiar traditions of ancient history,
biblical exegesis and patristic theology, this lecture is intended as an
introduction to the conceptual sophistication and semantic rigor with which
medieval authors could approach their narratives of past and present events,
and to the diversity of ends to which this history could then be put. By
tracing, and questioning, some of the key methodological changes that are
traditionally taken to characterize the function and purpose of the western
historiographical tradition in such a formative period of its development,
the lecture serves both as an analytical introduction to the theory and
practice of writing history in the Middle Ages and a reminder of the much
longer temporal perspective from which more modern debates over the
relationship between history and literary theory might be assessed.

*Matthew Kempshall* is Fellow and Tutor in History at Wadham College,
University of Oxford; he is the author of * The Common Good in Late *

*Medieval Political Thought*, Oxford 1999.


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