[MaFLa] invitation to a talk on "Inference to convincing explanation" - 28 September, 4.30 PM

Krisztina Biber Biberk at ceu.hu
Mon Sep 20 17:40:04 CEST 2010

The CEU Philosophy department cordially invites you to a talk (as part of its Departmental Colloquium series)


Christophe Heintz (CEU)    
"Inference to convincing explanation"

4.30 PM, Tuesday, 28 September, 14. Zrinyi str. / room 412

I will use the argumentative theory of reasoning to  clarify why and
how some inferences are guided by the goal of explaining. Lipton
(2005) nicely shows that abductive reasonning is central in the
sciences. However, he characterises abductions as inferences to the
best explanation and through their semantic and epistemological
properties rather than by specifying their psychological underpinning.

I will show that the argumentative theory of reasoning provides a
means to understand which psychological processes philosophers of
science have referred to when talking about abduction. This will lead
me to claim that abductions are in fact inferences to convincing
explanation. With this psychological characterisation, one is better
able to specify the semantic and epistemic properties of a key
inference at work in scientific reasoning.

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