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The CEU Philosophy Department cordially invites you to a talk 
(as part of its Departmental Colloquium series)
Aviezer Tucker (Queen's University, Belfast)
The Legacies of Totalitarianism:
A Political Philosophy of Post-totalitarianism

Tuesday, 17 February 2009, 5.30pm,  NOTE! POPPER room (9. Nador, first floor #102)

I examine the implications of the post-totalitarian experience on political philosophy in general.  I think there is still more to learn from 1989 and its aftermath than the untenability of at least some strands of Marxism as viable normative political philosophies and the vindication of the libertarian criticisms of socialist command economies.  I explore how the post-totalitarian political experience should inform and affect traditional topics and theories in political philosophy such as rights, justice in general, justice in rectification and restitution, property rights, and the philosophy of education. 

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