[MaFLa] October_19_Seminar_of_the_Institute_for_Philosophical_Researche_Of_the_Hungarian_Academy_of_Sciences

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Thu Oct 15 17:02:52 CEST 2009

Dear Colleagues,

the next lecture of our research seminar:

Codruţa Liana CUCEU:
Pragmatist approaches of the public sphere: John Dewey

19 October 2009, 11h AM, the Library of the Institute for Philosophical Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Etele út 59-61, Budapest)

For more about the lecturer see:
<http://www.history-cluj.ro/SU/Ro/startSU.htm> [click to "Structura departamentului" click to "Sectorul de Filosofie" click to "Codruţa Cuceu"]

She is a redactor of "Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies" <http://www.JSRI.ro>, and at the moment a visiting researcher in our Institute.

Béla Mester
(contact person of the Seminar)

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