[MaFLa] MA program in philosophy at CEU

Krisztina Biber Biberk at ceu.hu
Tue Feb 10 13:01:40 CET 2009

Dear Colleague,

Please allow me to call your attention to the recently launched MA
program in philosophy at CEU’s Philosophy Department. The curriculum
of the two year program covers most major areas of philosophy, including
history of ancient and early modern philosophy, primarily-but not
exclusively-from an analytic perspective. 

In addition, the program aims to enable students to proceed to doctoral
training in philosophy, either at CEU, in the region, or the rest of the
world. The program is conceived as a two-year Bologna-compatible MA
program. Those students who have taken a four-year BA in philosophy, or
already have an MA, are also welcome to apply. For those who have a
degree after at least four years of higher education, it is also
possible to complete the course in one year. 

All our MA students are eligible for a full financial package which
includes a tuition waiver, health insurance, housing, and a monthly

My colleagues and I would greatly appreciate if you would let your
students know about this possibility, and, if you consider appropriate,
to advise them to apply. 

Further information about the department and the program is available
at our website (www.ceu.hu/phil), and I would be also very happy to
answer any queries you or your students may have. 

sincerely yours

Michael V. Griffin

Head of Department
Department of Philosophy
Central European University

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