[MaFLa] invitation to a talk on `Assumptions, Premises and Antecedents` - 17 November, 4.30 PM

Krisztina Biber Biberk at ceu.hu
Thu Nov 12 09:41:54 CET 2009

The CEU Philosophy Department cordially invites you to a talk 
(as part of its Departmental Colloquium series)
Vladan Djordjevic (University of Belgrade) 
Assumptions, Premises and Antecedents

Tuesday, 17 November 2009, 4.30 PM, Zrinyi 14, Room 412


The distinction between the notions in the title, if followed by an appropriate pragmatic theory, can be more useful than it is usually recognized. I will explain the distinction and try to show its explanatory power through an examination of three well known paradoxes (the fatalism paradox, the so called direct argument, and a counterexample to modus ponens). For each of the paradoxes many different and often unrelated solutions have been proposed. I will  argue that by using the distinction we can explain away all three of them.

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