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A Fenomenológia Műhely 2008 évi első előadását Michael Staudigl tartja
Phenomenological explications of violence címmel az ELTE BTK Filozófia
Intézet (1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4. "i" épület) 211-es termében. Az
előadások nyelve angol. Az absztraktok:

2008. január 9. szerda, 16.00 óra

 Phenomenological explications of violence 1: Theory and Methods

In the first part of this series of talks I will investigate
phenomenology's potential to deepen our understanding of violence in
general.  My major aim will consist in elaborating an integrative
approach to the many faces of violence, i.e., physical, psychic,
social, and cultural.  By approaching these various forms from the
unifying viewpoint of the subject's embodiment I will seek to open a
renewed perspective on understanding violence. Displacing the very
architectonics of Husserl's "constitutive analysis," this undertaking
will requires far reaching revisions of phenomenological method, which
will be explicated respectively.

2008. január 10. csütörtök, 16.00 óra

Phenomenological explications of violence 2: Applied Theory

In a second talk I will apply this integrative perspective on an
exemplary case, i.e., colonial violence, its aftermath, and structural
consequences.  In a first step, the many faces of violence will be
analyzed in their functioning interdependence.  Secondly, I will
analyze the self-conception of the colonizer and show how it uses the
symbolic institution of the colonized in terms of monstrous, violent,
and deviant "other," as a means to legitimate its own violence.
Finally, I will differentiate different phases of colonialism
(colonial conquest, the stabilization of the "colonial system," and
its overthrow) and explicate the pervasive consequences (and images)
of colonial rule as a major obstacle to political development and
non-violent change.

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