[MaFLa] postdoc in philosophy or cognitive science, Lund University

Zvolenszky Zsofia zz207 at nyu.edu
Sat Feb 2 18:14:28 CET 2008

Three year post-doc employment, open for applicants in philosophy and   
cognitive science, available at Lund University. Applications shall   
contain complete CV, copy of Ph.D. exam (exam must not be older than   
three years), list of publications, and research project plan (not   
exceeding five pages) for the period. Reference number: 4918. 
Six copies of the complete application must have been received before   
February 20th 

Address: Vice Chancellor, Lund University, Box 117, 221 00 Lund, Sweden 

Directives and information at http://www.lu.se/o.o.i.s/11294 

Information about salary etc: Senior Administrative Officer Lena   
Kandefelt (+46 46-222 7224, lena.kandef... at kansliht.lu.se). 
About Philosophy in Lund: Professor Wlodek Rabinowicz (+46 46 222 75   
95, wlodek.rabinow... at fil.lu.se), Professor Erik J Olsson (+46 46 222   
09 25, erik_j.ols... at fil.lu.se) 
About Cognitive Science in Lund: Professor Peter Gärdenfors (+46 46   
222 48 17, peter.gardenf... at lucs.lu.se) 

Björn Petersson 

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