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Subject: [PhilPhys] Calls for Applications: Geneva Summer School in the 
Philosophy of Physics
Date: Thursday 27 March 2008
From: "Wuthrich, Christian" <wuthrich at ucsd.edu>
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Call for Applications: 

GSSPP08--Geneva Summer School in the Philosophy of Physics 2008, July 28 - 
August 2

Topic: What is the Nature of Space and Time?

For more information on the summer school and for how to apply, visit 

This summer school is geared to doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers 
in philosophy of physics, philosophically minded physicists as well as in 
academic and non-academic professionals interested in an advanced level 
introduction to the main problems of contemporary philosophy of physics.

We aim to bring this group together with leading experts on the foundations of 
spacetime who will guide us through the current debates in the metaphysics 
and physics of spacetime. Experts will give lectures on each of these topics. 
An effort will be made to presuppose little by way of prior exposure to the 
literature both in physics as well as in philosophy. The lectures should thus 
be accessible to the talented novice, although we expect the programme to be 

The summer school aims at providing a synoptic view of the main theories and 
the latest research in the philosophy of space and time. Participants in the 
summer school will achieve this aim both through high-quality teaching and 
through intensive interaction with some of the best experts on these matters 

Anyone successfully completing the summer school should thus be in a position 
to get started on some of the more advanced work in the philosophy of 
spacetime. In particular, the summer school will serve as an intense 
preparation for doing research in the area, both for the beginning doctoral 
student as well as for anyone further along the road with an interest to 
build up the philosophy of spacetime as a core competence. Last but not 
least, it will allow the participants to connect with leading experts in the 
field and thus lets them establish a network vital for their research 

Direction: Kevin Mulligan (University of Geneva)

Organizing Committee: Christian Wüthrich (University California, San Diego), 
Vincent Lam (University of Lausanne), Philipp Keller (University of Geneva)


* Jeremy Butterfield (University of Cambridge)
* Dennis Dieks (University of Utrecht)
* John Earman (University of Pittsburgh)
* Nick Huggett (University of Illinois, Chicago)
* Vincent Lam (University of Lausanne)
* Stephan Leuenberger (University of Leeds)
* Carlo Rovelli (Centre de Physique Théorique, Marseille and Université de 
* Christian Wüthrich (University California, San Diego)


Applicants should send us a short application letter of no more than one page 
stating the reason for their application and their level of technical 
expertise in the relevant physics together with a CV by 15 April 2008. 

Applications should be sent to Christian Wüthrich (wuthrich AT ucsd.edu) and 
Vincent Lam (vincent.lam AT unil.ch).

We will notify the applicants by 20 April 2008.

Tuition fees:

* for PhD students in philosophy or physics and young researchers (PhD not 
more than three years ago): 300 CHF (by 30 April) / 350 CHF (after 30 April)
* for academic and non-academic professionals: 1000 CHF (by 30 April) / 1200 
CHF (after 30 April) 

Tuition fee includes all lectures, conference materials, reception on Sunday 
evening, coffee breaks, and the excursion. The fees do not include 
accommodation, meals, and travel to and from the location of the summer 


For all inquiries, please contact Vincent Lam (vincent.lam AT unil.ch) or 
Christian Wüthrich (wuthrich AT ucsd.edu).


Christian Wüthrich, PhD
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
            and of Science Studies
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive, 0119
La Jolla, CA 92093, USA

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