[MaFLa] Theoretical Philosophy Forum, Lajos Hollokoi

Laszlo E. Szabo leszabo at philosophy.elte.hu
Tue Apr 15 23:45:26 CEST 2008

Institute of Philosophy
Faculty of Humanities, Eotvos University
Room 226  Monday 4:00 PM   Muzeum krt. 4/i, Budapest
Web site: http://phil.elte.hu/tpf

21 April 4:00 PM  Room 226

Lajos Hollokoi
Institute of Philosophy, Eotvos University, Budapest
Muveszetek es mualkotasaik, avagy, "Ugy tunik, leteznie kellene 
egy ’esztetika’ nevu targynak, (…)”
(Arts and Works of Arts, or,  "It seems that there ought to be a subject 
called 'aesthetics', (…)”

Abstract: http://phil.elte.hu/tpf/2007-2008/April/#3

The Forum is open to everyone, including students,visitors, and faculty
members from all departments and institutes!

Format: 60 minute lecture, 10 minute coffee break, followed by a 30-60
minute discussion. The language of presentation is English or Hungarian.

A printable poster is available from here:
Please feel free to post it in your institution!

The organizer of the Forum: Laszlo E. Szabo
(leszabo at phil.elte.hu)

L a s z l o   E.   S z a b o
Department of Logic, Institute of Philosophy
Faculty of Humanities, Eotvos University, Budapest

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