[MaFLa] CEU Cognitive Development Center seminars

Krisztina Biber Biberk at ceu.hu
Thu Nov 20 16:30:20 CET 2008

The next three talks at the Cognitive Development Center at the CEU  
are scheduled as follows:

Wed 26 Nov, 4.30pm
Ádám Miklósi & Edina Pfandler (Ethology, ELTE)
Comprehension of pointing gestures in a comparative perspective:
The case of dogs and humans

Wed 3 Dec, 4.30pm
József Fiser (Psychology, Brandeis)
The emergence and structure of visual long-term memory and its effect 

on working memory

Wed 10 Dec, 4.30pm
Ágnes Kovács (Psychology, MTA)
Sorting out a mixed input: enhanced executive control in bilingual  

Room 137, Institute for Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Victor Hugo u. 18-22, 1132 Budapest

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Gergely Csibra

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