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                             Lecture on

       Kierkegaard´s Criticism of Abstraction and one of His 
                  Proposed Solutions: Appropriation

                           by Jon Stewart
                    Associate Research Professor
                  Soren Kierkegaard Research Centre
                      at Copenhagen University

                           Place and time:
                           Augustineum 101
             Wednesday, 25th April 2007. 10.30-12.00 am


One of Kierkegaard´s best-known criticisms of Hegel and idealist philosophy is 
that it is overly abstract and fails to take into account the realm of actuality and 
existence. As a positive doctrine intended to overcome the problem of 
abstraction, Kierkegaard presents a handful of concepts, including appropriation. 
In this paper, I will explore both Kierkegaard´s negative criticism and his 
positive proposal. I will argue that he ultimately fails to offer a philosophically 
satisfying solution with the doctrine of appropriation, although it may well be 
adequate at a personal level for the individual Christian, who is Kierkegaard´s 
intended reader.

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