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Call for papers

Reconsidering Polanyi - 2008, June 26-28, Budapest

Polanyi, the philosopher, is mostly known as a theorist of knowledge. His 
philosophy proceeds from the analysis of knowing, but it includes almost all 
the important philosophical issues from ontology to social theory, personal 
existence, and the study of the practical dimensions of science. His theory of 
knowledge rests on ethical, social and existential pillars beside his 
Gestalt-based theory of cognition.

On the 50th anniversary of the publication of his masterpiece, Personal 
Knowledge, the aim of the conference is the reappraisal of this perplexingly 
rich, highly original and refreshingly unconventional philosophy in the light 
of the current intellectual milieu as well as from historical perspectives.

The conference is open to contextual, historical, and analytical approaches 
including - but not limited to -  the following list of topics:

   - Personal knowledge in light of social and historical epistemology
   - Tacit knowledge and the new results of cognitive psychology
   - Reappraising Polanyi’s “The Logic of Liberty”
   - The cognitive functions of emotions
   - Polanyi on the production and management of knowledge
   - The postcritical and postmodern perspectives
   - Embodiment and tacit knowing
   - Polanyi and the concept of emergence
   - Polanyi and understanding technology

   Confirmed Keynote Speakers:
Richard Allen, Chairman and Editor of Appraisal, Loughborough, England
Bob Brownhill, formerly of the University of Surrey, Guildford
Dale Cannon, Western Oregon University, Monmouth
Márta Fehér, University of Technology and Economics, Budapest
Chris Goodman, President of Appraisal, Sheffield.
Karl Hall, Central European University, Budapest
Stefania Jha, Boston University, Boston, Mass.
Tihamér Margitay, University of Technology and Economics, Budapest
Phil Mullins, Missouri Western State University, General Editor of Tradition & 
Hans-Joerg Rheinberger, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
Otto Sibum, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
Yu Zhenhua, East China Normal University, Shanghai

Practical details:

- Conference language: English
   - Registration fee: 30 EUR
   - Accommodations for conference participants will be available both on campus 
at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and in nearby hotels

   Deadline for abstract submission: Sept 15, 2007 via the Registration link:

The number of participants is limited. Applicants will be informed about

the outcome of their applications no later than the 30th October, 2007.

For more information write to Benedek Láng: conference at filozofia.bme.hu
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