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Lakatos Research Fellowships at CPNSS at LSE

An extensive archive of Imre Lakatos's papers and
letters - some in Hungarian, most in English - is
held in the Library at the London School of
Economics.  Due to the generosity of an anonymous
donor, Research Fellowships to a total amount of
US$ 12,000 will be available in the calendar year
2006 for scholars wishing to pursue some research
project on Lakatos and/or his contemporaries
requiring consultation of the archive. The
Fellowships will be held at LSE's Centre for
Philosophy of Natural and Social Science
(, which
will also provide facilities for the Fellows. The
awards will aim to cover the recipients' travel
and a stipend of 250£/week for junior scholars
(PhD students) and 500£/week for senior scholars
for other expenses during his or her stay in
London. The length of the stay should be between
a week and two months.

To apply please send a covering letter
(specifying when you plan to visit and an
estimate of how long you would need to spend in
London), a CV and a 500 words project description
to Dr Stephan Hartmann, Director, Centre for
Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, London
School of Economics, London WC2A 2AE, UK.
Applications by email to philcent at
(subject: Lakatos Research Fellowship) are also
welcome. The deadline for applications is March
1, 2006. Junior scholars and young faculty are
especially encouraged to apply.

Stephan Hartmann

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