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> British Society for the History of Philosophy Conference
> in association with the OU Research Group in Mind, Meaning and
> Rationality and supported by the British Academy and the Mind
> Association
> The Varieties of Analysis: Conceptions of Analysis in the History of
> Philosophy 30 March - 1 April 2005 St. Catherine's College, Oxford
> The main aim of this conference, with the centenary of Russell's 'On
> Denoting' in mind, is to reflect on the nature and origins of the
> analytic tradition as it emerged in the work of Frege, Russell, Moore
> and Wittgenstein - and in particular, on the conceptions of analysis
> that are involved. Appreciation of the significance of these
> conceptions, however, requires placing them in a broader historical
> context, and so a secondary aim of the conference is to explore the
> richness of conceptions of analysis in the history of philosophy
> generally. One central theme is the relationship between the analytic
> and phenomenological traditions. 1905 is also the anniversary of the
> first appearance of Husserl's 'transcendental reduction', and there are
> sessions on the methodological connections between these two traditions.
> Speakers include:
> Thomas Baldwin (York), Patrick Byrne (Boston College), Giuseppina D'Oro
> (Keele), Brigitte Falkenburg (Dortmund), Nicholas Griffin (McMaster),
> Leila Haaparanta (Tampere), Peter Hacker (Oxford), Robert Hanna
> (Colorado), Peter Hylton (Illinois), James Levine (Trinity College
> Dublin), Sandra Lapointe (Concordia), Bernard Linsky (Alberta), Dermot
> Moran (University College Dublin), Marco Panza (CNRS), Volker Peckhaus
> (Paderborn), Erich Reck (Riverside), Alan Richardson (British Columbia),
> Jamie Tappenden (Michigan), Amie Thomasson (Miami); and many others.
> Further details, including the provisional programme and registration
> form, are available from the conference website:
> http://www.open.ac.uk/Arts/bshp/confs/analysis/analysis.htm
> Deadline for registration: 28 February 2005
> Conference organizer: Dr Michael Beaney
> _______________________________________________
> Dr Michael Beaney
> Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
> Department of Philosophy
> Open University
> Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
> England
> Tel. +44 (0)1908 659040 http://www.open.ac.uk/Arts/philos/beaney.htm
> ________________________________________

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